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In BaCycle, we believe that bicycle servicing is an art of PASSION. We take pride in our work in making sure every completed servicing is worth every dollar you paid for.

BaCycle ensures that you get a smoother ride that will KEEP YOU ROLLING all day long. Say goodbye to endless problems due to slipshod services & say hello to many joyful moments with your bicycle by the sun, sand & sea.​


Opening Hours:


Monday - Thursday: 11:00AM - 6:00 PM

Friday: 3:00pm - 5:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 3:00pm


Sunday & Public Holiday: CLOSE

6 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #04-09
NorthVIEW Bizhub, Singapore 768090

The Company


BaCycle is founded by an individual who has a passion for cycling since his childhood days & would like to serve & educate the cycling community in whichever ways that is possible & feasible for him.


Our Mission


We believe that bicycle servicing is a PASSION. We are committed & take pride in our work to offer the best value for your dollar by providing the best servicing experience & bringing in high quality product(s) at an affordable price.


We would like to enhance the quality of living by supporting the cycling community to promote an active & healthy lifestyle. We want people to enjoy their rides with their family & friends by having a problem-free functional bicycle that will KEEP YOU ROLLING all day long.

Our Services


- Full Overhaul


- Tune-Up Clean-Up

- Spot Jobs


- Pre-race Check

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