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The Bicycle Doctor


He is Syaikhul. He has been in this industry as a bicycle mechanic for the past 9 years. He is a self-learnt mechanic that relied on library books when he picked up an interest in learning on how the bicycle actually works back then. He would spent his time at his neighbourhood nicycle shop, just to see the mechanic doing his work. He would pick up a skill or two & then try it on his own bicycle. He was soon noticed by the owner and offered a job at the shop as a mechanic. Slowly but surely, he improved on his hand-skills & gained valuable experience along the way. 

Being an employee then, he found that there was a limit to what he can do due to multiple ad-hoc instructions by his superiors. He can't serve & do his best for the customers & so he decided to venture out on his own. Now, he is enjoying giving the utmost tender loving care to his customer's bicycles. His top notch hand-skills can be notice on the various feedbacks & reviews by customers & the documented photos of his service process of each bicycle. He is also honest upfront & straight-forward if he can't provide the service required by the customer to avoid any unhappiness & miscommunications. His recommendations and advice to customer are based on his experience as a mechanic and also a cyclist himself. To him, its the long-term relationship & trust of the new & returning customers that is more important.

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