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Service Recommendations


How often and what level of service your bike needs depends on the quality of the bike, your style of riding, and the amount of use. But in any case, we recommend some level of service about once a year. Here are some suggestions.

The Commuter

If you're a commuter who rides everyday, we recommend a full overhaul once a year or about every 3000km to 4000km as cables stretch, oxidise & with our humid weather can become rusty as well. Bearing grease may dry up & needs re-packing of new grease, and all components that need periodic attention. 


We also recommend frequent tune-up clean-up every 3-4 months as keeping the drivetrain clean improves the shifting and prolongs its life.

The Weekend Warrior

If you're a weekend warrior, if you know your bike is in good condition, or maybe you're pulling it out of storage, you may only need a tune-up clean-up. Although bikes don't go out of adjustment from just sitting, they will require some dusting off, fresh lubrications, and air in the tires before you go riding again. 


The Adrenaline Seeker

Adrenaline seekers are basically riders who rides their bicycles in the trails where they are ridden in a harsh environment of dirt, mud and water. We suggest tune-up clean-up at least once every 2 months, repairs when necessary, and a full overhaul once or twice a year. They suffer more abuse when doing that kind of riding; thus, they require more maintenance.

The Fast & Furious

The fast & furious also necessitates more maintenance. Jumping curbs and potholes, and shifting gears under load are hard on your bicycle. Parts wear out faster and components need more frequent adjustment. Here again, we recommend an annual full overhaul or frequent tune-up clean-up every 3-4 months.

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